Building eco-toilets

We build ecosan –
toilets that make compost


We are one of the biggest providers of ecosan in the developing world.

In India alone, over 30,000 people use our ecosan toilets every day.


Why do we use ecosan?

They are ecological

Ecosan toilets turn what is usually regarded as waste into a safe affordable compost and fertiliser, returning valuable nutrients to the soil and helping to increase crop yields.

They prevent the spread of disease

2 million tons of raw sewage is dumped into the world’s water system every day! Ecosan toilets capture and contain waste, protecting water sources and the local environment from pollution, reducing contamination and preventing the spread of disease.

They are built to last

We build ecosan toilets because we know they are sustainable. Other sanitation solutions have a finite life; for example once a pit latrine is full a new one has to be dug, but ecosan toilets can last for decades.

They are adaptable to different environments

Ecosan toilets do not require any sewer infrastructure, so they can be used from over-populated urban slums to the most remote underdeveloped areas. They also require minimal amounts of water (no flushing!), so are ideal in areas where water shortage is a real issue.

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