Building lives

With sanitation in place…
we work closely with communities to help them build a sustainable future


beekeepingFrom bee-keeping to bag-making, we support a diverse range of livelihood programmes to suit local need, helping people generate a sustainable income to provide for themselves and their families. It isn’t just about providing money, it’s making sure people have the skills and tools they need to develop a successful business.


educationWe all know the importance of a good education. The skills children learn through school will make them more likely to get a good job with decent pay, giving them a brighter future away from poverty.

We run many school projects, providing eco-sanitation facilities for staff and children. By providing safe and clean sanitation, school attendance rates rise, particularly with teenage girls.

Where it is needed, we also provide support in other ways. In the past we have provided new school buildings and equipment, mainly in Sierra Leone where the 11-year civil war has devestated the country’s infrastructure and education system.