Use-Less: Kundorwahun Village, Barrie Chiefdom

The village of Kundorwahun currently has no provision for water and no sanitation. The issues this community is grappling with, like most in the district, include water taken from polluted sources and open defecation, risking further contamination of water, resulting in widespread gastro-intestinal disease and child mortality. Locally collected statistics from Pujehun District suggest that over 4,250 children under the age of five die each year from some form of digestive related illness from a population base of 302,000.

Our partner Use-Less is raising money through the sale of their environmentally friendly products to provide clean water for the village.

Additionally, through the sale of limited edition tee shirts, punk rock band Anti-Flag have raised enough to renovate a well at Koiva village primary school, providing the concrete capping and installing the pump. This will transform the lives of the children at the school, as they currently have to carry water from the village 500 metres away.

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